Hearing Protection

What is Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?

Exposure to loud noise is the second most common cause of hearing loss, after age-related hearing loss or otherwise known as presbycusis. Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a consequence of long-term exposure to noise without proper hearing protection. It may also be caused by extremely loud sound spurts, such as weapons and explosions, which can damage the structures of the ears. The effects of NIHL might not be felt for years, but NIHL is a permanent condition that requires proper treatment.

How noise is measured

Noise levels are typically measured in dB(A), a decibel scale which represents the human ear's sensitivity to different sound levels. As a reference, a person exposed to noise at 85 decibels, may experience permanent hearing damage after 8 continuous hours of exposure.  

The louder the sound, however can shortened the duration (in hours) that can contribute to a permanent loss. A 95 dB sound exposure can cause hearing damage only after one hour, and at 105 dB in less than 15 minutes. Sounds over 120 dB (such as loud rock concerts and fireworks) can cause ear damage for some immediately.   Decibels above 140 dB will cause physical pain.

Custom Hearing Protection

How noise damages your hearing?

The cochlea is known as the organ of hearing. There are thousands of hair cells inside. These small cells are essential for hearing: they convert sound waves into electrical signals that are sent into the brain.
The hair cells can get over-stimulated when you are subjected to constant loud noise. For some people they can experience a temporary hearing loss. The first few times this happens, the hair cells are able to bounce back from this onslaught of noise. Unfortunately, if this occurs repeatedly, and you are not wearing hearing protection, hair cells can lose their ability to recuperate and end up dying over time. The loss of hearing becomes noticeable–and it's permanent.

We offer custom ear protection

Our specialized hearing protection products are designed to protect your ears, but also enables you to understand sounds around you.
These individually fit hearing systems provide a unique fit with guaranteed protection levels. Produced from ear impressions, soft medical silicone is injected into the ear to form a mold of you ear canal. Customized hearing protection will allow users to comfortably enjoy higher levels of protection which lasts far longer than standard earplugs.

For musicians

Because of their occupation, professional musicians are up to 57% more likely to develop tinnitus and hearing loss. Our musician’s earplugs protect your ears comfortably without reducing your enjoyment of the music. They reduce environmental noise, so the feel of the original music remains intact. You don’t need to damage your hearing to hear the music anymore!

For shooters/hunters

Noise exposure exceeding 140 dB can, according to ASHA, permanently cause hearing damage. Nearly all firearms produce 140-dB of noise. For hunters, we offer special protection. These custom earplugs include state-of-the-art, passive impact noise filters, which provide the best protection for shooting in situations loud where loud noise can be immediate. It also lets you hear instructions, conversations and alerts, so when you’re stalking that wild deer you can still hear the quietest rustling of the leaves.